Sunday, April 29, 2012

Titanic doll stuff

This is weird! I opened my blog and it looked normal. Then I signed into it and I can't see anything. I finally found the icon on making a new post but where is the rest of my stuff? OHHH, I don't think I like this. We'll see if I can figure this out. If not, it was nice knowing you all!

Back in January, I was commissioned by a customer to make several doll dresses, replica of the dresses Kate Winslet wore in the movie Titanic. This customer told me I could pick any of the dresses but she wanted as many as I could handle. She was going to have someone make backgrounds from the movie and pose the dolls in front of them then do a YouTube clip on them for the 100th anniversary.

 Unfortunately, the backgrounds didn't turn out as of yet and this customer has posted about the dresses anyway. She's given me permission to also post them now.

As I made each one of these dresses, it was extremely difficult to let them go. Each one took me between 2-3 full days to complete. No offense to this customer but she really did get a bargain. One day, I will charge what other people are getting for their one of a kind items.


So blogger is not letting me insert titles between the dresses so from top to bottom:
The Tea Gown
The Deck Dress
The Swim Dress
The Pink wool coat
The Jump Dress
The Boarding Suit


Mandy said...

Aunt T you are amazing!!! You are so talented!!! You did an amazing job. Well done!

Love you,

Diana said...

Well Terrie I have to tell you that I remember every single one of those dresses as I have seen the movie many, many, many times!
You did a beautiful job as usual and I'm so glad that we were able to view them. I actually can see Kate Winslet in each gown! Great job!
Love Di ♥

Unknown said...

Holy Cow, Terrie! You are Amazing! I just kept thinking "Oh, oh I love that!" As I scrolled down. Your sewing has got to be a combination of skill and magic!

Penny said...

Terrie, you have always been such a great seamstressas long as I have known you and that is a LONG time! These are so pretty and perfect right down to the detail. Well done, you are so talented, where do you come up with your ideas for the fabric and patterns? I am so impressed.

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

Hi Penny, To answer your question about where I came up with the patterns and fabrics, I drafted my own patterns and for the fabrics, I studied several websites that gave both information and photos on the different gowns that were worn in the movie. Then, I scoured fabric store after store and online stores as well, to find the fabrics that matched.

Thanks for the compliments, everyone! They mean a lot to me.

TracAn Bolton said...

Awesome .. you did the best job .. I am so jealous for them .. whatever you charged it could not have been enough .. be proud be very proud of yourself .. wow ..